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Pros and Cons Social Media Marketing

Social media has now become the latest trend. It allows people to interact with anyone in any place in the world. People can also share pictures and instant images to express their feelings. People can express themselves in any way they want to. Now business houses can reach out to people in any possible way.

The Coin has two faces, the same is true in the case of social media, So there are advantages and disadvantages. Here in this blog let us uncover the advantages and disadvantages of social media marketing. We will first look at the advantages of social media marketing, then move towards disadvantages.

Social Media Marketing Advantages

The biggest advantage of social media marketing is that you can connect with people from different countries, city or locality from anywhere around the world. No matter how big the audience is we can easily reach them through social media marketing.

1. We can reach a large audience.

The number of users on social media platforms is as follows:

Instagram: 500+ million users

Facebook: 2.45 billion users

YouTube: 2 billion users

LinkedIn: 722+ million users

Twitter: 330 million users

From past experiences, we can see that the number of people using social media platforms is increasing day by day. Hence, we can depend on social media for the marketing of any business organization.

We can reach people of every age through social media marketing.

1, Customization options for Ads.

Customization options make it easy to choose a daily budget and target audience. Having customization options makes social media marketing an attractive one.

Some people have developed their ad customization options very well making it very attractive and convenient for sellers to sell their product or service.

Following are examples of ad customization by Facebook and Instagram.


It is one of the important social media marketing tools where we can reach people of all ages. You can advertise your targets on Facebook based on life events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Also based on their place, gender, age and shopping interests, behavior, activities. You can be very specific about your audience on Facebook. You can reach out to people whom you feel can afford your product or services.


Same as Facebook, even Instagram is a famous platform for social media marketing. You can target people based on age and country of residence. Here we can select an ad budget and several people you want to target. 

You can choose your CTA Options such as ‘Visit website‘ ‘view Instagram profile‘ ‘Learn more’, etc depending on your need.  You can also direct people to a website of your choice by mentioning the URL.

  1. You can track and improve the performance of your advertisements. Once you started an advertising campaign and set your ad budget.

How do we proceed now? What should be the next step?

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Unless you track the performance of your advertisements you cannot scale your reach to meet your goals. Social media marketing gives you the capacity to allow you to track your advertisements.

We can decide how to scale the performance of our ads. This is possible only if you track the progress of your advertisements. Once you understand where you are lagging behind you can plan accordingly and modify your advertisement. So we should be grateful to social media for making this possible.

4. Social media marketing is economical.

We have seen till now that there are various advantages of social media marketing. Another advantage of social media marketing is cost-effectiveness. 

Conventional advertising media options such as print media or TV advertising are budget-friendly. It is cost-effective only for those marketers who know how to use their ad can spend effectively.

We have to regularly monitor social media marketing and keep a track of the activities. If unmonitored it can burn your budget. 

1- Attract traffic to your website with help of social media marketing.

As we know, social media marketing comes with various options. These options will help us to drive traffic to our website.

For example, there is a CTA option. This option can be used for the landing page, product page, eCommerce store, or your company.

This option helps you to redirect people to your desired webpage.

Therefore, Social media is used to scale your website traffic.

You have to ensure that you land on a perfect page so that people who visit your website should be motivated to explore it further. To achieve this, write attractive content, remove unnecessary pop-up banners on your website, and avoid filler words. By doing this you will enhance the experience which will further visitors to browse your website. Also, you can optimize your website pages, especially your product or service pages. This will make it easy for visitors to buy any product.

You become aware of different brands through social media marketing.

There is no surety that if you initiate social media marketing you will attract an audience, brand followers, or make sales. But you will build brand awareness

Usually, people tend to recognize those things with which they are familiar. Social media does the same for you. It shows advertisements repeatedly to your audience and trains the user’s minds to remember your brand.

Though people may not choose your brand at the beginning, they will know about your brand and they will trust your brand among those new brands they have heard about. So even if you don’t increase your audience you will leave an imprint on them to become a customer of your brand in the future.

Social media has its perks. At least it will create brand awareness among people and helps you to become an established brand.

You can understand customer insights.

To win in business we need to understand the customer needs and behavior. By social media, we can do this. Through advertising tools, we can access the information of customers to improve your business.

The available user data will help you to take smart business decisions.

You can track the customer activities such as the interaction of users with ads and understand what works and what doesn’t work. This information will help you make the necessary changes to improve your business.

Social Media Marketing Disadvantages

Social media marketing has its own sets of pros and cons. We will study a few drawbacks of social media marketing.

1. Social media marketing requires a lot of planning and time.

One of the main drawbacks of social media marketing is that it requires a lot of time and effort. We need to have a lot of patience to make things perfect. 

To attract followers you need to create the best content, post it, and engage the audience on day to day basis. Creating interesting content on regular basis will attract a huge audience. This requires a lot of planning, long-term strategy, and efforts. You need to plan in advance and make time for social media marketing. 

If you fall short of time for all these activities you can always go for social media marketing agencies, they will do this for you.

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  1. It takes a long time to show results.

We have seen that social media takes a lot of time. Social media marketing shows a slow return on investments. You won’t see immediate results. 

You can only be successful if your performance is good in social media campaigns. It is known that you have to post content regularly, track the performance, evaluate it, and check whether social media marketing is fetching results.

This is a disadvantage, those businesses who are looking for instant results. If you want to see the results of SMM the only way is to be patient. 

The results of SMM will be massive, but your impatience must not impede your business growth.

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Content exposure to others

As we all know, everything has a pro and a con. As all business accounts are open on social media to all users, everyone can easily copy each other’s strategy. You can also study the opponent’s strategy and adapt it, on the other hand, they can also do this. This means that you are continuous at risk of being taking your ideas by competitors.

The only solution for this is being innovative every time and this is a difficult task. 

Therefore, the exposure that social media marketing gives you, becomes one big disadvantage. 

Risk of receiving negative feedback

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter give people the opportunity to share their thoughts. As a result, there is the risk of receiving negative feedback from customers regarding your brand and business. 

If you receive excessive negative comments on your brand it will ruin your brand’s reputation. These problems should be solved to build a reputation on social media.

Let us assume that influencer comments negatively about your brand or business. This can impact sales and discourage customers from buying your products or services.

On the one hand, excessively negative comments can ruin your brand’s reputation if similar problems are amplified on social media by today’s influencers as they carry a lot of social media clout.

In another way, you can take comments positively and understand where you are falling behind and implement the changes accordingly. Hence you can easily track the audience. It becomes easy for you to track the negatives and improve the products or services.

This proves that social media openness is both boon and bane.

Need to be cautious about content.

As we know there are so many people on social media, people will see and remember every content. It is important to write perfect content to post on social media. We need to pay a lot of attention to public sentiment. If you post anything contentious, you can receive public lash back and criticism because things spread like fire on social media.

If you once post anything wrong, then it is difficult to delete it completely.

There are chances that people might have saved or taken screenshots of that content. This can later become an issue and go out of control and lead to a lot of problems. This may also create a bad mark for the brand or business. 

Huge Investments in skilled professionals

Most of the social media marketing strategies are successful only if they are executed properly. This requires a lot of expert guidance and investment.

If you are looking for social media marketing and want to invest in it, you have to hire a social media expert. Also, you have to hire graphic designers and copywriters. They will create appealing and creative pages. 

For this, you have to spend a lot of money paying their salaries and also on tools.

Privacy policy issue

The major disadvantage of social media marketing is a security and privacy policy issue. Every time you have to sign in you have to share both your private and public information. 

This makes you risk your data from millions of hackers who might be a competitor.


We have seen all the pros and cons of social media marketing in this blog. Besides all disadvantages, there are excellent advantages which are very useful for business owners. If you are one of them, you should definitely make use of social media to enhance your business.

This is a competitive world and here all invest in SMM strategies to grow their business. If you are not using it you will fall behind. This means that your competitors will go ahead.

To overcome this, draft a map for social media marketing. Start with small practices. This will eventually help you to reach your audience and improve your business.

If you can do this in-house then it is best, you don’t have to invest outside. If not, feel free to contact social media marketing services and implement SMM as soon as possible.

Hope this blog was helpful for you. If any queries, feel free to contact us. We will definitely help you out.

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Frequently Asked Questions Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing advantages and disadvantages?

Social Media Marketing Advantages

The biggest advantage of social media marketing is that you can connect with people from different countries, city or locality from anywhere around the world. No matter how big the audience is we can easily reach them through social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing Disadvantages

Social media marketing has its own sets of pros and cons. We will study a few drawbacks of social media marketing.

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Grow Your Business?

Social media marketing allows businesses to create relationships with their customers, build brand awareness, and even drive sales. It can also act as a tool for customer service, help to run campaigns and promotions more effectively, and much more. Whether it’s through organic interactions or paid advertising, social media gives businesses an opportunity to reach potential and existing customers at scale.

What Does a Social Media Marketing Agency Do?

Social media marketing agencies provide a range of services, such as developing and executing strategic social media campaigns, creating and curating content for various platforms, managing paid advertising and promoted posts, monitoring the success of campaigns in real time, and providing reporting on results.

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