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One-Stop Solution for All Your Technology Needs at IT World

If you are looking for an advanced overarching software solutions company, then look no further. IT World provides reliable, cost-effective business software solutions that are tailored to every client. Having worked on a number of projects, our engineers have become experts in workflows and processes and provided services for a number of companies in different verticals. We develop ingenious solutions that keep you forward always in this aggressively competitive technological environment. It is critical to choose and deploy the right tools in order to boost the productivity and achieve your business goals. Usually, prepacked software can serve as a swift, steadfast dais for getting a job done. However, some defects and dearth’s are seen in certain areas over time that affect the workflows and productivity. Our software development team focuses on creating custom business applications and databases, and automation scripts exclusively for your business so these defects and dearth’s are removed completely, enhancing the productivity. At IT World, we are desirous about providing small- to mid-sized organizations the best IT support and solutions. Whether it is an extremely technical installation and support of hardware & software solutions or simply rectifying IT issues, IT World provides end-to-end IT solutions that are Customized to your needs.

The following are the main services offered by IT World:

Web Development and Web Hosting Services

Get a complete tailored website from IT World, with hosting, SSL (for securing connections between Web clients), SEO (for increasing website traffic), and Google Maps (for location) in an attractive package at a competitive cost:

Also, you don’t have to approach someone else for content, the important traffic driver to your website. We have expert content writes who write on various genres. We’ll have a writer that has enough knowledge about your industry. We’ll ensure that well-researched, plagiarism-free, seo-compliant and grammatically correct content, goes into your website. Also, we make your content look its best across devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobiles. We meticulously create themes in order to make your content stand out. Most of all, we create beautiful websites that attract people, using Responsive Web Design approach. To ensure that you get maximum benefits, we have designed a comprehensive website development package at the most attractive price. Here’s what the package includes:

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UX Services from IT World

We have worked with various businesses, including start-ups, non-profit organizations, leading establishments, and global firms, in virtually all vertices so far. Our UX Services not only provide positive experiences for the user but also positively influence our clients’ annual revenue. IT World is a strategic design consultancy firm intended for providing high-end technology web and mobile apps. Our UX/UI developers have the experience you are looking for in web application development.

User Testing

User Testing, aka usability testing, is a way to know how users are interacting with the product you developed. This is important as it helps analyses and achieve greater user satisfaction. In other words, this way, you can give what your customers truly want. In fact, a single usability test can unleash most of the issues that are impacting sales, including retention rates. Thus, our aim is to achieve utmost user satisfaction.

Website Maintenance Services

After we develop and host your website, we won’t stop there. We take care of complete website maintenance that includes revision, editing, and modifying web pages as and when required. By adding new content every now and then, we keep your visitors engaged. Up-to-date information will not let your website go into the buried state in the search engines. So, ensure that you choose a package that includes Web Maintenance Services also, in the beginning.

Web maintenance services, typically, cover:

  • Website QC (Quality Check)
  • Update website content
  • Constantly monitor the website
  • Including web links
  • Adding and modifying images
  • Make frequent blog posts
  • News updates

At IT World, we have a range of packages for Website Maintenance Services. In addition, there are tailor-made solutions devised according to each client’s requirements. Our main goal is to help your business increase sales and branch out into businesses across other parts of the world. Our customer-centric staffs do everything they can to fulfil our clients’ requirements.

The monthly cost of your website maintenance, typically, depends up on the size and type of your website. The best recommended option is the annual website maintenance/ support services in order to make sure your website runs without any hiccups throughout the year.

Please note: Website maintenance services do not involve a complete restructuring of your website. It will be as good as developing a new site. So, charges will be accordingly.

IT World is just a phone call or email away. Get in touch and one of our customer-centric staff will talk to you soon.

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App Development

We Help Our Clients Create Tomorrow’s Tools Today

We have a dedicated team that specialises in app development. The professional app developers, with their skills and experiences, create robust applications by making them simple as they make the business becomes simple. As a result, costs are reduced, the barrier between users and their tasks are removed, and productivity and user satisfaction are increased.

We Create Apps for All Platforms

We build tailored apps that provide solutions for critical business needs. You can help your workforce maximize their time by automating repetitive tasks. Automating legacy systems and getting rid of manual processes in labor-intensive jobs result in higher ROI, regardless of the size of your company.

Also, before anything else, devising an application strategy is important, in order to build the right application right the first time. However, you need to respond quickly to progressively changing business requirements for simple, yet sophisticated applications.

We have a team of professionals that are experienced in Android, iOS, and Windows technologies. They can create mobile applications for any of these platforms. Thankfully, with latest developments, you don’t need skilled developers to build custom apps for any platform. Also, with modern tools, applications can be deployed almost immediately.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud Computing is becoming more and more popular in the IT arena since it has created a worry-free way of accessing a plethora of IT resources. It has also demystified the execution of a number of tasks on the WWW. The critical elements essential to achieve the mission, including manpower, equipment, data, external contact information, and policies & procedures work uninterruptedly contributing to the overall efficiency of the business.

Let IT World Cloud Computing Services manage your infrastructure while you focus on managing your core functions. What’s more, pay only for what you use.

Seamless Operation

At IT World, our cloud computing experts make it easier for you to set up your clients’ infrastructure and adapt to modern requirements. We’ll facilitate your development team with necessary tools so as to get your clients up and running without interruption. All through the process, we provide industry-leading assistance.

Powerful High-performance Servers

You can get online in no time and access data at high speeds with our powerful cloud servers. The cloud infrastructure includes high configuration, with required RAM, sufficient storage, and efficient graphics cards, to meet your workload requirements. We have sprawling, State-of-the-art data centers that can securely store all your data and applications.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a big challenge because either the costs involved are exorbitant or your business lacks in-house capability. IT World will take complete responsibility in disaster recovery and protect data and applications from disruptions arising out of disaster. Disaster Recovery as a service, shortened as DRaaS, is a cloud computing and back up service, which protects the data from cloud resources.

Here are the important benefits for using Cloud Computing in your company:

  • Cost Savings
  • Strategic advantage
  • High speed
  • Back-up and restore data
  • Automatic Software Integration (ASI)
  • Reliability
  • Mobility
  • Unlimited storage capacity

Big Data Services

Our experts in the Big Data Analytics team are able to provide customised solutions for every company. Our big data consultancy services are designed in order to fetch the maximum value from your company’s Big Data. Our analytics professionals will collaboratively work with you to transform your data infrastructure and deploy the latest technologies that help your business in obtaining, storing and making the most of data-driven insights. We’ll advise on anything and everything necessary to enable your business  trigger Big Data and carry out its Big Data Strategy.

IT World data engineering solutions are designed in such a way that they support all-encompassing data-driven processes. By the way of data migration and data merging, we aim at achieving improved business agility and business resilience. In Big Data Analytics, it is important that the solutions designed are to be industry-specific in order to increase productivity and set new standards for operational efficiency.

There are many benefits of processing and analysing Big Data, in real-time, and the important ones are mentioned below:

  • You can identify the errors within the organization instantly
  • You can implement new strategies easily
  • Services can be drastically improved
  • Fraud can be detected the moment it happens
  • There are lots of cost savings
  • There are better sales insights
  • Customer trends can be recorded

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