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Importance of a Great Website for Your Business Success

Creating a website, whether it is for yourself or your organization, is a giant leap. No matter what stage you are in in life or with your company, building a great website is going to help you get nearer to your goals. We, at IT World, are desirous about helping people who want to have a nice, elegant-looking website or revamp their old website completely, in order to attract considerable traffic (increase sales).

Custom Web Design

Our Web Development professionals always think from the customers’ standpoint and focus on providing Custom Web Design for them. We use the best PHP Development tools in order to demystify and accelerate tailored Web Application Development. Using ASP. NET, we develop dynamic websites, providing complete control over the content. As far as the usage of graphics, Graphics Design offers more functionality than simple Web Design, particularly for product websites.

Qualities of a Great Website:-


You have a website because of prospects and their requirements. A visitor might find his or way to your website via a search engine or a referral. A website is developed for a particular purpose, typically to convert visitors into potential customers.

Easy to navigate

A website ought to be simple to use and easy to navigate. You should determine the different types of people, across a broad range of industries, visiting your website.

Applicable Content

            Posting relevant, useful content on your

            website promote SEO (Search Engine

            Optimization). Not to mention, the

            information should be regularly updated.

            With compelling content, you can build

            relationships with potential customers and

            expand your customer base.


            You should ensure that your website uses

            the contemporary trends and technologies,

            in order to stand out, or sustain, in the

            market. “Responsiveness” and

            “Compatibility” are the important

            promises modern websites have to make.

Responsive Website:-

We understand that almost every user accesses websites on-the-go through tablets or smartphones. So, we, at IT World, build websites that are compatible with various handy devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Kindle. Through Responsive Web Design approach, we ensure the design responds to users’ behaviors and environments, depending upon the factors such as screen size, platform, and orientation.

Optimized Website

            A website and its content ought to be

            optimized for various users, apart from

            various devices and search engines. If it is

            not optimized for smartphone users, the

            “Bounce Rate” increases. That is to say,

            the users visiting your website leave or

            switch to other website in no time.

What is Bounce Rate?

“Bounce Rate” refers to the percent of users that visit your website, but choose to exit it, without going to the second page or an inner page.

People switching to your second page are prospective or likely in the next phase of conversion (a long way to go). If you want your business to flourish, then you don’t want those visitors to go away, right?

Site optimization entails improving some of the aspects of it so as to contribute to more traffic and conversions. You can attract traffic by various means, including SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and paid search. Typically, conversions happen via good marketing strategies.

Performance and Speed

            Your website should present to the users

            with what they’re looking for. Typically,

            most users leave the website if it does not

            get loaded in 3-4 seconds (contributing to Bounce Rate). 

            So, your goal is to ensure that your

            website runs on high-end servers that can

            handle any website with ease. There are   

            other types of users who get to the home

            page quickly, but still leave the page as

            they find the content bland. To

            avoid the latter case, you must have

            enticing content on your homepage.


            There is sufficient infrastructure to support

            the website and people accessing them.

            Typically, the number of users accessing

            your website increases progressively. Your

            website still should be able to handle all

            the users’ requests.


A quality website should follow the usual industry standards and guidelines. Users’ security is a major concern in today’s Web world. Their passwords are to be encrypted and protected, since users’ information is extremely sensitive.

Know Your Audience:-

What’s the main thing people like to know as soon as they visit your website? Knowing Your Audience will help you in this pursuit. Mention a copy (a brief about your business) right upfront on the homepage of your website. You get to have only a few seconds to abduct their attention. We have a team of professional content writers who know exactly what captures the visitors’ attention.

Knowing the number of visitors to your website helps you verify the website’s content. This, in turn, helps you estimate the amount of traffic you need to attract to see such results. The following tools let you know how much traffic a website receives:

Build a Professional Website:-

Needless to say, your website has to be nice and elegant looking with essential content. However, the website should look professional too. You need to choose the colors that stand out. Particularly, choose a fewer colors, with a clear color scheme that triggers the response you anticipated. Also, you can change the colors if you feel there is a need, later.

For people who were longing to create their websites, on their own, it has become a dream come true. Everyone, even someone who does not have coding skills, can achieve online presence, by designing a new website. Also, one does not have to possess a University Degree to do it, one he or she can take pride in. There is a wide range of applications, including online stores and bookings that makes it simple to generate revenue, by nurturing a community of followers and promoting your brand. Simply put, your company can be situated in a remote location and you can still stand out in the market.

Getting acquainted with the basics is all you need to set yourself in the right direction – choosing the right website designer as well as developing content in a way that you get discovered on the WWW. Here are some key questions you should ask yourself that can help you have a professional, effective website:

  • What is/are my goals?
  • Who can build the right website for me?
  • What kind of content should I have?
  • How do I make it accessible to everyone?
  • How do I engage my visitors?

What is/are my goals?

You must have only one goal – what you want to do. However, you must have some common goals such as:

  1. My website should be elegant, contemporary, and distinctive.
  2. My website should be found by major search engines.
  3. I should pay a fair price for the services I avail.

Who can build the right website for me?

You must be crystal clear about what you want. Choose a company that:

  1. Has a commendable portfolio.
  2. Is familiar with the modern design trends.
  3. Demonstrates responsive design effectively.
  4. Demonstrates own innovative ideas.

What kind of content should I have?

There are many kinds of content that boosts your website’s traffic. Here are some types of content you can have that is likely to be shared widely:

  1. Entertaining content that is often funny.
  2. Educating content that is likely to be shared by people who are inquisitive about latest information.
  3. Inspirational content that come in various forms such as case studies, testimonials, and stories of challenges & failures.
  4. Content that is most likely to convert. For instance, signing up for a newsletter and enrolling for an e-course.

In addition, blogs containing content such as info graphics, case studies & success stories, lists, and how-to guides can boost the traffic.

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Complete Branding Solutions:-

Marketers have been defining and redefining branding over the past few years. Branding is, actually, beyond just fame-building. It has become a basis on which the foundations of organizations (small, medium, or substantial) are built. Customers become loyal to brands and not just the products & services an organization offers. At, IT World Technologies, we have a devoted graphics/communication design team that has mastered the art and discipline of planning and outlining ideas and experiences using visual and textual content.

Logos & Banners

Logo Designs:-

Our Logo Design experts create attractive unforgettable logos that make heads turn and recognize the business instantly. After all, a great logo makes the first impression. We also design logos in black & white that are as attractive and impactful as logos in color. Above all, we ensure, in the process of creating, that your logo delivers the appropriate message to the audience.

Banner Designs:-
Marketing is the key to let people know your presence. One of the most effective ways in online marketing is the use of Banner Ads. When you advertise a Banner Ad on your website, the frequent visitors call to mind your brand. They start trusting it, and eventually become loyal to it.

Drop the Banner Designing job onto our Banner Design experts and focus on the cores. One of the other important factors is the landing page that has to be well-optimized.

At IT World, our branding solution experts encapsulate brainstorming and conceptualization, engaging our clients in discussions, before coming up with best graphic designs.

IT World also provides Website Hosting & Domain Service. We have a team dedicated for E-commerce Development that involves in the full Life Cycle, including design, coding, content development, and marketing E-Commerce business. Regarded as the best Web App Development Company, IT World caters to clients across the USA (majorly across Texas and California) and the UK. IT World offers robust custom-built websites and guarantees on-time delivery. It is also a certified digital marketing service company.

IT World is just a phone call or an email away. Alternatively, you can submit the callback form and one of our strategists will meet you to understand your requirements and satisfy them, in the least possible time.

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