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Is It Right Time to Boost Your Business Through SEO Service?

In this blog, we will study when is the right time to hire a company for SEO Service. SEO Which stands for Search Engine Optimization basically deals with increasing the quality and quantity of traffic on your website.

Grow Your Business With Professional SEO Services In Noida

How do we decide whether SEO can be performed in-house or hire a company for professional SEO services?

Following are the signs that will tell you that when we should hire a professional SEO services.

1. If you fail to stand out in the competition.

2. Investing time on basic SEO than business growth.

3. If the in-house SEO strategy is not working.

4. If resources to hire SEO in-house team are falling short.

5. To avoid an SEO penalty from Google.

6. If you are not performing On-page and off-page SEO well.

7. If you can’t accommodate the frequent SEO updates.

8. If SEO is not your priority and lack time for implementation.

9. Not aware of working of local SEO.

10. If you are not ranking on page one of Google.

11. Conclusion.

If you fail to stand out in a competition

SEO not only includes on-page activities but the main strategy is to rank top of some 75000 search queries that Google handles every second.

We need to understand the strategies used by competitors and google search engine landscape to perform better in competition.

For this, we need to understand and analyze a competitor’s strategy, also

identify their backend profile. To improve our profile we need a lot of expertise.

If you are failing to be at the top then hiring an SEO agency will help you edge over them. An SEO agency can help you achieve your goal of establishing yourself.

There are many other things that the SEO agency can do for you:

 Study your SEO case for your business and perform necessary actions.

 Prepare and perform ideas for voice search SEO.

 Research about competitor’s growth and accordingly scale your growth.

 Update you regarding the latest trends and use of it.

 Showcase monthly SEO audit reports to identify which model is best for you.

 Check whether it is worth optimizing your content for the contentious Google Discover.

Investing time on basic SEO than business growth-

SEO takes a lot of time. If one is investing time to perform basic SEO rather than looking at the business it is of no use. However basic SEO will not help you to rank in search engines.

Here are some benefits that an SEO agency can help you with.

 A lot of time is saved. That time can be used to improve business.

 The SEO agency has professionals who will work to meet your business goals, plan, and execute digital marketing strategies for you.

If in-house SEO strategy is not working-

If your in-house SEO strategy is failing, that means you are not using the right keywords or not using them correctly. SEO strategy does not guarantee success every time. So if you’re not seeing tangible results in traffic after a full one year of engaging, you need professional help.

In this scenario, you can do one of two things:

 You can increase your in-house team by adding SEO professionals.

 The best SEO agency can be hired which has a proven track record of SEO success.

To know who is best to hire, it is better to go for such agencies who have proven experience in delivering SEO success. Everyone will claim to be an SEO expert, but hiring with experience will definitely fetch results.

However we will be investing money in an SEO agency, so it is recommended to hire the best SEO agency that has rich experience. As they can find suitable keywords and help you rank for them.

If resources to hire SEO in-house team are falling short-

Carrying out SEO in-house comes with its own set of challenges such as:

 At the start, SEO success is not guaranteed still we have to spend money on salaries and other benefits.

 There will be a lot of investment in SEO tools like Ahrefs. If your SEO in-house doesn’t know how to use them then it will be a waste.

So when you take all this into account, hiring an SEO agency proves to be much more cost-effective and manpower-efficient than building your in-house team.

They can help you make the most of your investment at a comparatively less amount of money.

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If you are not aware of how to avoid an SEO penalty from Google

Google can use two types of penalties against you.

Manual Penalties – Any website that may come across as ‘malicious’ will be under penalty. This manual penalty is done by Google’s in-house check team.

Algorithmic Penalties – Google’s algorithm scans all the websites and removes links that are not trusted. If there is some suspicious activity found then there is a penalty. If there is a dip in ranking because of this then it is high time to hire an SEO agency.

If Google finds that you are engaged in suspicious SEO activity, it will lower your rank until you solve the issue. It may happen that we are breaking the SEO rule unknowingly.

In such cases, it is better to hire an SEO agency to resolve the issues.

If you are not performing On-page and off-page SEO well-

SEO is a continuous process. One has to perform off-page activities well.

Only practicing on-page activities will not help. In short, we can say that both on-page and off-page activities are very important.

The list of off-page SEO is as follows:

 Sharing your blog post on social media and website to drive traffic to your site.

 Using anchor texts to rank you at the top and getting backlinks via guest posts.

 Practicing content marketing on platforms like Quora and guest posting etc.

If you can’t accommodate the frequent SEO updates-

We know that everything around us keeps developing and updating. So, if Google updates its algorithm every 12 hours then this will impact SEO too.

There are over 200 factors that google will use for ranking websites.

Therefore we need to have such an SEO strategy that will accommodate these frequent updates.

We have to consider all the changes going around and update the latest trends in SEO all the time. If we will not update regularly we will fall behind. If these words are new to you, it’s the right time to hire SEO services and help improve your services.

They can help you with the following points:

 Sort the backlinks.

 Remove the broken links

 Guide you in optimizing top-performing websites

 Improve existing content

 Develop your website from the SEO point of view

 Give you an in-depth SEO analysis of your website.

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If SEO is not your priority and lack time for implementation-

If SEO strategies are carried properly then the results are permanent. It

is important to invest both time and resources in perfecting SEO.

To rank on top of SERPs (search engine result pages) and get success in Long-time SEO strategy, We need to,

 Invest in time and effort to plan and execute SEO strategy

It is important to understand the algorithm so that you can match the changes. Keywords play a vital role, so use the right keywords to create better content than others. If you put all these efforts it can still take 6 months to 2 years for SEO success.

This can be frustrating if you don’t have enough time for it.

If you lack time then it is better to hire an SEO agency so that you can manage your business and at the same time your SEO will also perform well.

Not aware of working of local SEO

Local SEO is a strategy that helps your business be more visible in local search results on google.

Here are some facts about local SEO:

 Usually, people end up calling or visiting a business that appears on top of the search.

 By this, we can say that if we have effective local keywords and rank, we will have 80% of visitors on our website.

So the main concept here is about local keywords and rank. If this is not

achieved we will fail to drive customers to our website. This is the power of local SEO.

If this knowledge is not known by you completely then it is the right time to hire an SEO agency.

If you are not ranking on page one of Google-

We all know the importance of ranking on page one of google. To achieve page one of Google we have to spend a lot of money and time on advertisements to attract website traffic.

Following are some hacks that businesses engage in to get website traffic without a long-term SEO strategy:

 Invest in PPC. Pay per click advertisement is a model of

internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of

their ads is clicked.

 Paid social media marketing campaigns are helpful to link back to their

website’s landing page.

 Other forms of paid marketing are beneficial to attract traffic to their

website. Investing in Ads will be helpful only for the short term.

There is no point in spending money to attract traffic when you can do it for free by optimizing your content for search engines. This is the power of SEO- the results are best only in long term engagement.

So if you feel your working on SEO but unable to rank on page one of Google, then it is better to outsource your work to an SEO agency that can do the lifting.

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In this blog, we have cleared the need for an SEO agency. It is never too late to start. Depending on your requirement you can always approach any SEO agency. We have tried our best to clear doubts regarding the benefits of hiring an SEO agency. Hope this blog was helpful for you.

If there are any questions which we can answer please keep posted.

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Boost Your Business Through SEO Service

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Well, SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’, which is the process of getting traffic from free and organic, editorial or natural search results in search engines. Its purpose is to improve the position of your website in the search result pages. Remember, the higher the website is listed, the more people will see it.

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