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As far as digital marketing is concerned, everything depends on proper marketing. We cover everything from call tracking to lead attribution and beyond. We cover this by providing advanced, custom reports. You must be curious about what exactly is SEO reporting? It is the process of showing your results for search engine optimization work. An SEO report contains top keywords, overall keywords, new visitors, overall visitors, and website conversion metrics. This is carried to increase visibility for a business website and assets in Google. A good SEO report contains all the details on any fluctuations and provides necessary actions that have to be taken to improve it. It not only shows what work has to be done but also explains why it is to be done and what are its benefits.

These are the three things that a good SEO report should contain:

  • Progress: The report should show the progress of your business for a particular period. For example, if you have hired an agency for a month then the report should contain how much they have grown your site that month? And how successfully they have moved the needle since the last report?
  • Insights: A report should highlight the areas where there is improvement needed in the coming months.
  • Recommendations: The report should contain what major steps we need to take to reach the goals.

We usually focus on doing a good SEO that is planning and working. The analysis of this SEO is all about SEO report. To make note of effects we should go for SEO report.

SEO reporting is very important because you can see the results of your business after hiring an agency. This can be a time-consuming process when it's done one source at a time, one report at a time. So, many agencies will help you with this. If you are worried about your report the contact IT World now, we are the Custom SEO Reporting Services with Consulting.

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We keep 100% transparency for pricing for our custom reporting - with this, you can always know exactly where your money goes. We will help you to build beautiful, automated reports that are both information-rich and easy to understand.

Custom Reporting for Your Business

IIT World SEO Analytics and reporting services offer several custom reporting packages for clients who need monthly reporting in advance on the success of their business's website. These advanced reports give your business highly detailed data every month, including:

  • Traffic and revenue reporting crushed down by particular marketing channels like social media, organic search engine traffic, and PPC.
  • For advanced monthly tracking, the designing of custom goals, events, and dashboards in Google Analytics or other website analytics platforms.
  • Advanced reporting on Call tracking, e-commerce, cost-per-lead, lead attribution, companies visiting your website, etc.
  • IT World clients can now request advanced reports for an additional fee if clients demand in-depth reporting beyond the monthly reporting offered as part of our SEO plans.
  • Monthly SEO report includes monthly reports which are designed to give you access to additional data on the traffic and ROI of specific marketing channels and also provide in-depth ROI data including cost-per-lead (CPL) and goals or conversions. Along with this many, more is included in the SEO report.

What do these reports include?

At IT World, Ecommerce SEO Reporting Services, all the clients who signs up for an SEO plan or any one of our other inbound marketing plan receives detailed monthly reports from our experienced internet marketer. This report may include detailed data on website revenue, traffic, and search engine optimization and also, they are already customized for each client's needs. Sometime few of our clients request additional data beyond what is included we provide that also but it may consume some time.

We allow you to make better decisions about your specific marketing channels by our advanced monthly reporting packages which include more specific and in-depth reporting of revenue and traffic per channel. With the help of our reports, you will be able to gather more information about the leads and revenue attributed to external sources like social media and email marketing.

In Google Analytics, IT World SEO Reporting Services will set up specific, targeted goals, events, and dashboards. Google Analytics will allow you to check the number of visitors who will try contacting you by filling out a contact form or signing up for your email marketing. This will help to get the most accurate data on your monthly SEO report.

The IT World system will allow you to view new leads on your website and then it also helps to identify the sources that sent them to you. You can keep a track of companies visiting your website by name by this you can understand who is interested in your products or services. These reports can be tailored to your preference that may suit the needs of your company.

What are the advantages of custom reports?

Our custom reporting packages will identify successful marketing campaigns and also help larger businesses with multiple marketing channels to excel in their business.

These reports will give in-depth knowledge by which you can progress potential leads through your marketing funnel. You can monitor the money that you spend on this and check whether it will help you to get new customers and eventually more profit.

SEO reporting tells you if any website issues need improvement. There will be the track of record maintained for efforts that an SEO Reporting Services agency puts.

You can also get data on website call tracking. Contact IT World, Ecommerce SEO Reporting Services to get a custom reporting package that can provide you data and also offer detailed e-commerce reporting for businesses operating an online store.

Do I need to choose custom reporting?

To make decisions regarding their online activities and the successes of their campaigns the monthly reporting built into our SEO and marketing packages is all that is necessary for a majority of customers. We have created these custom plans because some larger clients have requested more in-depth reporting and features.

If your website is very large then to get a deeper understanding of the status of the online marketing you have to invest in custom reporting. These reports are mostly meant for those clients who want detailed data on their ROI, cost-per-lead, and goals. This level of data may not be required if you have only a few online marketing channels.

We suggest consulting with your dedicated Internet marketer on whether you should invest in custom reporting or not. They advise you on the best reporting option for your business, as your business grows.

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