Online Email Marketing Services Company in Noida, Delhi, India

India’s no. #1 email marketing service provider is IT World. With just a few clicks our email marketing solution enables you to create professionally designed newsletters and with our advanced email reports and statistics, maximize your Email Campaign ROI. It also helps to manage your contact lists. As a leading online email marketing services Company in Noida, we see to it that the best delivery of your emails should be made to your recipient’s inbox and maximum ROI.

Email marketing is a type of marketing that takes the help of the email for communication and advertising campaigns and it also helps a person to send a direct message to the clients or target market.

The best email marketing company mainly focuses on the service of the company and also the interaction between the customers. We prefer using conventional promotion tools and search engines to achieve the above objectives.

We aim in building loyalty which is mandatory in retaining customers and we have enabled a strong relationship between the people. Almost every company sends promotional messages via the regular postal system but this method consumed a lot of manpower, paper, and time. Therefore, we advertising content via email which is much cost-efficient.

This is eco-friendly method is preferable as it saves paper and also has fast speed. Email lands directly on the individual system that is its biggest advantage. Everyone checks their mail at least once a day and there are fewer chances of missing it.

With all our best services in, email marketing, online email campaigns, email marketing programs, etc. We have become a leading Email Marketing company Providers in the market.

Contact IT World to get unlimited email marketing opportunities for your online business and also get the finest, cost-effective and efficient Email Marketing solutions.

We are one of the best online email marketing services Companies in Noida who will help you with organic strategies that will improve your rank in search engines.

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Key features of our email marketing services

  • Fully customized and interactive template designs.
  • Reliable email marketing platform.
  • Our loyal email marketing platform
  • Personalization content for better engagement.
  • Analytics software integration to provide full conversion tracking.
  • Unique and crispy email subject lines and body content
  • Best time email delivery.
  • A/B and multivariate testing.
  • Creating innovative ideas for targeted users
  • Multi-user access to monitor team performance and results
  • Dynamic and interactive emails
  • Tracking and monitoring the responses
  • Superior technology and maximum ROI
  • Reporting and analytics
  • SPAM-free and responsive emails
  • Timely delivery of emails
  • Affordable and customized packages
  • The easy way to import/export contacts
  • Schedule and send email campaigns

Features of our bulk email marketing software application

A feature-rich email marketing will ensure that you will get the best returns of investment and additionally benefit you in your email marketing campaigns. So, if you have not thought about it yet, think now! Contact IT World, an online email marketing services Company in Noida to get the best services in digital marketing.

The bulk email marketing software should have the below features:

Web Based Application

You can send emails from anywhere with the help of our advanced web-based email application or bulk email marketing software.

SPAM Free Email

Our team ensures that with our services, 90% of emails land into the inbox of your customers.

List Management

We can filter out Duplicate and incorrect email IDs and manage correct list and import subscribers list directly from an excel or .csv file

Campaign Management

We provide the option of designing custom email templates. Also, we have some pre-designed Email Templates to start your email campaign immediately.

Text, Image and HTML Emails

Here you get the choice to send emails in various formats like only text email, only image email, or an HTML Email.

Mobile Friendly Emails

The emails are designed such that they fit well and look good on all devices.

Unlimited Sender ID

Unlimited verified Email Ids can be managed as Sender ID. You can also send different Emails from different Sender Names and Sender IDs.

Bounce Management

Automatic bounce management is created so that you do not need to manually filter bounce emails from your list.

Opt-Out Management

We add the feature to give an option to unsubscribe from your email. This option is mandatory as your subscribers can opt out from your email.

Social Media Integration

Now we can even engage your customers on social media by integrating social media links and provide with social share option to your customers to like and share your email.

Test Send & Schedule

We provide with the facility where you can schedule your emails and you can send test emails before final sending.


Everything can be checked from reports like you can track the number of emails opened, click-through rate, bounces, and opt-outs, etc. You can also see the email IDs of those who opened and clicked.

Benefits of Bulk Email Marketing

Email marketing drives a better ROI and also provides more opportunities for your business. This will help your business to create deeper and direct relationships with a wider audience at an affordable cost when compared to other marketing mediums.

Here you get the opportunity of specifying sections of your email list and have control over who can see your email list. Unlike other marketing mediums, this is good if you want to target customers.

To reach broader customers compared to other marketing, bulk emailing is best. Sending an email to India or sending the same email to any other country will take the same amount of time, resources, and cost.

According to the preferences of the subscribers, emails can be personalized. Different connect can be sent to a different section of your list. Also, this gives better ROI.

Compared to any other means of digital or traditional marketing email marketing is cost-effective. You can email to any place in the world and this will cost you the same.

We can track the performance of your email campaign easily through Bulk email marketing. The best part is it lets you see who has opened your email and what kind of action is taken on your mail, you can also track the conversion.

It is also possible to forward emails to any other person. Thus, this will allow reaching more people and can further help in increasing your email list by putting a link in your email, linked to your subscription form.