Best Portal Development Services Company in Noida Delhi India

An Overview: Portal Development

IT World is a well-known Portal Development Services Company in Noida that provides a wide range of services in the digital marketing domain across the world.

Our professional team members value your business requirements and ideas, then build the best-in-class solutions for our clients. They have years of experience and have good knowledge of the latest technologies. We create extensive portal development solutions by utilizing tools and technologies that guarantee quality in design, development, testing, and performance.

Portal Development at IT World

We have team members who are experts in developing such web portals that can help you to serve your client's requirements. We deliver a unique customer experience.

The areas in which we are expertise are:

  • Custom Web Portal Development

    We design custom website portals for all kinds of businesses and improve conversion rates. At IT World, we possess SOA support, well designed alluring interface, and rich customized APIs.

  • Enterprise Web Portal Development

    A good web portal can increase traffic. A community portal can help members to communicate effectively. This will educate the public.

  • Social Network Portal Development

    We create UX-friendly portals that can keep people engaged. Our team members design solutions with an interactive user interface, open APIs, and handle Web 2.0 content in an easy-to-use fashion.

  • Job portal — Interns Portal Development

    If you want to hire people or provide internships then it is best to go for a job portal. Our designs are responsive and capable of handling a large number of talents. You can easily handle all the data through this.

  • Travel Portal Development

    This has become important for travel industries. Our travel portals are designed with rich features that include price, packages, destination, and much more.

  • Price Comparison Portal Development

    This portal will help you to compare the prices on a single portal.

    Why visit many portals to find the best deal when one portal will help you? We create such portals that are streamlined for the best user experience.

  • News Portal Development

    News portals are the platforms by which we can share articles to reach customers across the world. This includes press releases, news blogs, publications, and other news-related content.

    We create what you think. Our portals will be quick in loading and easy to navigate.

  • Client Portal Development

    The client portal helps to build trust among all the clients as it is the best way to encourage a transparent culture in an organization. It is a private gateway that will allow customers to communicate easily.

  • E-Learning Portal Development

    Our team has experienced members who can blend both business experience and the e-learning domain. Our e-learning portal contains all the requirements to make it the best portal.

  • Auction Portals Development

    IT World the Web Portal Design and Development Company in Noida Delhi offers the best services for bidding and online auction. We develop customized portals with unique and latest features in them.

  • Public Web Portal Development

    We offer a variety of services through which we help you to connect and collaborate with the clients. We help our clients to meet their objectives. Thus, the bottom line of the company will be also improved.

IT World, Portal Development Services

IT World is a reputed Web Portal Development Services Noida India is a single point solution for all your applications. We have an ocean of specialists who serve our clients with the best technical outcomes. We work hard to make client's projects rich by utilizing features like aggregation, customization, organization, and integration. We also provide content repurposing and business process management facilities.

  • We have solutions ready that you can use within very little time.
  • Been successful in building several portals for our clients.
  • Clean coding is done to ease future modification.
  • 100+ types of Payment Gateway Implementation.
  • We focus to create responsive designs that will work in both desktop and mobile versions.
  • We have served many clients to get funding for portal development.

Benefits of choosing it world for custom portal development

Our skilled professionals focus on core areas like CMS, user interface, portal management, and web & cloud services while developing portal development services for our clients. IT World is one of the leading Portal Development Company Delhi India that builds efficient portals which give desired results. Apart from this, we have several other services that might help you in marketing online. Those are Website design and development, International SEO, graphic designs, mobile applications, Software development, etc.

  • We first perform a strategic assessment of the project to decide the design and style of the project.
  • We keep our focus on developing a portal for a company keeping in mind its user interface and CMS.
  • We create portals that are mobile-friendly and will help in generating traffic for the business. Our specialists use the latest technologies like responsive web designing for the same.
  • We always conduct quality testing so that the desired results are achieved.
  • To optimize the performance of the portal we have all-time maintenance and support services.
  • The customized portals that we design can be upgraded and enriched with the latest features to keep the portal efficient and serve business needs.
  • Our technical analysts evaluate the aspects that have to be included for the growth of the company.
  • We design end-to-end application programming for customized web portal development.
  • We integrate with legacy business applications like ERP, SCM, and CRM to develop enterprise portals.

Web Portal Development Life Cycle

It is majorly divided into four stages.

  • Architecture
  • Development
  • Staging
  • Production

Stage 1: Architecture

The web designer will be the main person here. Here we decide the design and feel of the web portal. There are few things that we have to consider when designing a web portal:

  • Navigation should be simple and will allow users to search their required information easily
  • The "About Us" section is important. A brief about us section should be added to let customers know about your business.
  • Contact information should be a must so that customers can contact you easily whenever needed.
  • To turn customers into leads there has to be an attractive call to action.
  • To guide readers to search for what they are looking for there has to be a search tool.
  • Using footer to give the user the information
  • All the sizes of the image should be appropriate and the portal speed should not be hampered.
  • Web fonts should be similar throughout the entire portal.

We design a prototype before the actual site, this will help us to find the errors if any. We can correct the errors before going live.

Stage 2: Development

A web portal has many pages which have different information about the business. In this stage, we concentrate on the navigation model of the portal and other aspects such as page template, display template, and content model.

There are few things the developer has to keep in mind. They are:

  • The load time of the portal should not be more than 3seconds (average minimum time)
  • Easy navigation
  • The forms that are present on the portal are working properly
  • The on-page graphics should be proper and according to user requirements.
  • The relevant information should be provided related to search with catalog images and videos.
  • In this stage, we check whether the portal contains all the relevant information that the customer needs. We should keep in mind that customers are a real business and things should go smoothly for them.

Stage 3: Staging

Staging Part 1: Testing

In this stage, a clone environment is created to conduct a stress test for the portal. Once the portal is fully ready, we test for its functionality and look for final errors if any.

The points we check are

  • Functionality
  • When the portal is compatible with all the platforms (including mobile)
  • Check for optimization in each browser versions
  • Mobile responsibility
  • Working of CMS (content management system)

We conduct Integration testing, Stress testing, Scalability testing, load testing, resolution testing, cross-browser compatibility testing, user acceptance testing, and also check broader internal reviews.

Testing is the most important part. It is done to check the portal before launching it to your audience. Also, you can check if the web portal is according to standards and requirements.

Staging Part 2: Deploying the Portal

Once the complete testing of the portal is done and bugs are fixed if any then it’s time for the final deployment.

Stage 4: Production

production is the live environment of the web portal. This is the stage where the portal is live for the audience ad is managed by the site administrator who maintains tasks such as making incremental updates to metadata, managing the content on the portal, and web assets using automated scripts.

Post portal development

Once the portal is live to the audience further it is managed by an administrator who has to keep on repeatedly checking the portal development cycle. Specific portal development tools are used to manage portal applications and resources.

The two management tools that can be used are

Library Administrator

Library administrator can be used to manage the following things

  • Shells
  • Themes
  • Menus
  • Books
  • Pages
  • Layouts
  • Look & Feel
  • Portlets
  • Portlet Categories
  • Portlet Producers

Portal Administrator

This helps to assemble portals and also to entitle parts of the portal to end-users and other administrators.

So, you can create a web portal for your business. Contact IT World, Web Portal Design and Development Company in Noida Delhi and get customized portal designed. Just tell your ideas to our developers and they will do the rest of the work.