IT World Supercharges Your Business. With Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Management Services to Help Your Business Drive New Customer Leads and Sales

Do you want the best PPC Company Noida for your business? If yes, then contact us now! We are the top pay per click advertising management services Company Noida India to deliver the most accurate PPC services.

Let us first see what exactly is PPC service. PPC stands for Pay Per Click which means you have to pay the charge to the host website only when the customer clicks on the link and not if customers just look at your advertisement on Google. The charges will depend on the competition on that particular keyword. We have an experienced team who know about the market and will make sure they charge a reasonable amount and it will make your ad to be on the first three positions on Google. We are the Online advertising services company in Noida Delhi. Contact us for further details.

We strive to provide our services at affordable rates so that every type of business gets benefitted from this. Talk to us and get benefitted to grow your business.

Pay per click is marketing where the advertiser has to pay each time anyone clicks on the online ads. At IT World the Pay Per Click Advertising Company in Delhi NCR. we understand the need for Pay Per click advertisement for all types of business to draw the attention of customers and also to stand in the competitive market. That is why we suggest such ideas that are profitable. We provide services to industries like Heavy machinery' Hotels, Education institutes, financial products, and Political and social campaigns.

We have different PPC policies. With an experienced team that keeps a close track of market research and implements such campaigns that are suitable for businesses to generate maximum ROI. We regularly monitor and keep an eye on PPC campaigns like adding Negative Keywords (Which Otherwise drain your Daily Budget), New Ad Copywriting (Which Automatic Tools does not help much). IT World is the best Pay Per Click Services in Noida India follows a process of all important factors that are necessary for PPC campaigns.


What to expect with our best PPC Management Services in Noida India?

  • Bespoke Strategy - Based on your business requirements, Campaign keywords, to reach target audiences.
  • Best Practice Setup - With a highly experienced team we create the best Ad campaigns that will give maximum ROI.
  • Measurable Results - One can see the actions and results in our services provide after the project is completed.
  • Proactive Account Management - We will monitor accounts to drive high ROI by optimizing and finding better opportunities.

eCommerce PPC Services

If you have your business online, then PPC is a necessary part of online marketing.

We are experts in creating such PPC campaigns that will increase online transactions and revenues. We will increase overall basket value by reaching the right audience with the right products. Let us now see how we generate a 15:1 return on ad spends for an international eCommerce retailer.

Medical PPC Services

We have well managed in creating PPC campaigns in the medical secto. There are many rules and regulations from Google, our experts manage it well and our campaigns get approved at the very first time. So, you can connect us to see the project we have already done.

B2B PPC Services

Now everything is online. We can see the business shifting online. The customers usually search the product or services online. If you want to create B2B Pay Per Click campaign, then contact us to get the targeted audience to your business.

Professional Sector PPC Services

There is huge competition for this sector. Our company has successfully created PPC campaigns for several ranges of clients. A PPC campaign will help you to increase your brand visibility and this will help you to reach more customers.

Maximum ROI on Pay Per Click Advertisements Services (PPC)

At IT World, a top Pay Per Click Advertising Company in Delhi NCR, we ensure that you will see an increase in your target audiences and ROI. Pay per click is the most effective way where advertisers have to pay some amount to Google for certain keywords to generate leads. IT world offers PPC management services that will help to increase your business and get maximum ROI and increase sales.

  • Increasing sales
  • Generating Leads
  • Promoting brand awareness

Google PPC ads are used by many small-sized and large businesses all over the world. It is the most effective way to increase sales and leads. So have you thought about the PPC campaign for your business? If yes, contact us soon!


Let's Get Started with Our Basic

Our main aim is to focus on increasing sales for your business. Our data scientists will take your campaigns to new heights with PPC services that focus on sales. Contact IT World, the Best PPC Company in Noida, and increase your sales.

  • Search Advertisement

    Search advertisement can be very fruitful if implemented in an organized and professional manner. They can be a cost-effective way of bringing customers to your website. Leads can be easily generated with a PPC campaign.

  • Google PPC Management

    We create ads for all platforms such as Gmail, YouTube, Shopping, etc that are creative and data-driven. These ads will convey a lot to your customers. You can see the increase in the audience even before you will know it.

  • Display Advertisement

    Our team offers display advertising strategies to have exposure to brand and customer engagement. Both direct response campaigns and brand awareness campaigns can be managed well.

  • Social Media Ads

    Think and act wisely! List what the audience prefers and go accordingly. We can create the best social media campaigns for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This ensures your products and services to reach the right people at right time.

  • APP Promotion Campaign

    App campaign makes it easy for promoting apps across the platforms such as Google Play, YouTube, and Google display network.

  • Shopping Campaigns

    If you have a retail business, then a shopping campaign can be used to promote your business online and boost traffic to find better-qualified leads.

  • Video Advertisement

    Video is an attractive way to convey information to audiences. Creative and carefully designed videos can be an advantage to your business which will lead to an increase in the brand's presence.

  • Landing Pages Strategy

    Customized landing pages can maximize conversion rates. Especially when you are paying for PPC to drive traffic.

  • Responsive Display Ads

    Responsive display ads are those which can adjust themselves according to the format available on any website. Such ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format.

  • PPC Review & Audits

    Our review and audit process includes audit objectives, coverage, and data analysis. We provide detailed reports and guidance for improvement.

  • Bing PPC Management

    Bing network also is used by audiences for searching. They operate Bing and partner sites, through Windows 10, Cortana, and Office, plus across third-party platforms and partnerships.

  • A/B Testing Analysis

    In A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) the comparison is done against each other to check which one works better.

  • Suspension/Disapproval

    We will work closely with your team to know the reason for the suspension. Our team experts will help to fix all issues like policy violation websites, in any ads, in the account, and on landing pages.

  • Policies Compliance

    We will make sure that you will meet policy compliance for website and landing pages so that the ads will run faster without any disapproval.

  • Remarketing & Retargeting

    Improvement of ROI (return on investment) and conversion rates by targeting people who have visited your website. We can get these customers back on the website by retargeting them on Display Network.

  • International PPC

    We usually think of expanding our business in other countries as well after getting recognition in their own country. With PPC we can target people from other countries easily.

  • Programmatic Advertising

    It is an automated software-driven way to buy digital space to advertise. You have to decide in advance which site to bid and negotiate for space.

  • Google Shopping Ads

    It is necessary if you have an online retail marketing business. To get the best PPC service contact IT World, the PPC Management Services In Noida India.

  • Mobile Advertising

    Everyone has mobiles with them. Take advantage of this trend and try to reach the target audience with Pay Per Click advertising by connecting with the best PPC services in India.

Our PPC Management Process

It depends on you whether to manage your PPC or to hire a PPC company. Do you think it works? How much sure are you? How will you judge whether your PPC campaigns are working correctly? You have to understand that you should not just keep wasting money on irrelevant keywords.

  • Audit & Objectives

    Our company takes time to understand the objectives of your company. If you have an existing PPC account, we study that thoroughly. This will allow us to know what is working and what is not working and provide you a detailed analysis.

  • Identify Personas

    A successful campaign ensures relevance to the audience. We work hard to create customer personas that will help us to produce engaging user experiences.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Using several intelligence tools we can study competitors' campaigns. We can learn their strategies and capture some quick important points and benchmark your business in the market.

  • PPC Strategy

    Once we understand what exactly needs to be done that will be benefitted for the business. Then we create a document that includes a strategy document. This acts as a guide that tells us what we need to adapt.

  • Ads & Creatives

    Creating attractive Ads and banners will always be a strong call to success. Ads that we design should be relevant to the audience which is to be consistently refined to increase ROI.

  • Keywords & Traffic Sources

    We have to pay more attention to keywords. The mixture of both positive and negative keywords together can offer high user intent. We manage to keep our campaigns in budget control.

  • Campaign Build

    No matter whether you are building a new account on networks or managing an existing account we provide exclusive services. You will get a detailed report about everything.

  • Tracking & Goals

    Only creating campaigns and not tracking the goals is of no use. We ensure checking and tracking up goals correctly and accurately to keep things updated.

  • PPC Optimization

    Our experts manage well to optimize all aspects of your PPC campaigns that include audience targeting, demographics, devices, and conversion to ensure high campaign performance.

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Webpages also make a huge impact on PPC performance. We have to always concentrate on conversion rates. We try what is possible to increase the conversion rates.

  • Reporting

    We always keep collecting data every time that can help to make better decisions and strategies in the future. We provide weekly and monthly reports will all the details based on the requirement of the client.

  • Strategy Review

    We review the strategy that we implement after research. We conduct a weekly and monthly study to check if we have to change our strategy based on the market.

Our PPC Services in Delhi Includes

  • Keywords Selection
  • Bid Management
  • Campaign Mapping
  • Ad Creation
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Reduce Negative Keywords
  • Monitoring and Analysis
  • PPC Audit and Competitor Analysis

Why We Are Best PPC Company in Delhi, India?

We provide all online marketing-related services such as website design, Mobile web development, social media optimization, etc. Our experts provide PPC marketing services mainly Google AdWords Management Services for a host of Industries. We provide services for industries of all sectors such as Education institutes, Political and social campaigns, etc.

Location Targeting

Location targeting helps you to focus on areas where we find the right customers and can focus on advertising. We can restrict the area where we don't find many customers this can increase your ROI. Our experts will help you in achieving this by drilling the location report and creating campaigns accordingly by targeting some cities or states or sometimes by using a particular radius around a location.

A/B Testing

A/B testing allows figuring out the best online promotional and marketing strategies for your business. It can compare two versions of a single variant. Hence, we can pick a higher performing variant. With our experiences, we saw that with A/B testing we find higher success rates. So, it is recommended to follow S/B testing for better results.

Why PPC Services are important?

PPC is very important in this world of digital marketing. PPC is an effective way to present a quick impression to views and that it also tells about the business growth. PPC gives instant results and creates an impact on viewers who land on organic sites through one click. It also creates brand presence and contributes to revenue as these ads are major funders to internet ad profits. You can reach great heights in your business and also achieve marketing goals with PPC.

  • It gives better ideas for conversion like newsletters, newsletter signups, etc.
  • You can monitor the campaign status and increase performance on impressions and conversions.
  • Conversion goals can be easily tracked using AdWords in combination with Google Analytics.
  • You can better understand the nature of traffic and search results.
  • The total spends can be checked using Google Analytics on PPC traffic.
  • The new category of customers can be targeted.
  • We will have full control over an ad it can be paused or stopped anytime.
  • You can decide and perform your way to target customers using keywords.
  • We can decide budget using our bid value.
  • Targeting methods can be set on cost per click.
  • PPC uses Geo targeting to promote business and reach potential customers.
  • The in-built planner and display tools help to target the audience.
  • Also, the display planner shows practical projection with the keyword used.

Even if you have a good ranking in organic results you should perform PPC. PPC helps in remarketing which is not possible in SEO. If we get to know that customer has visited our website but has not made any purchase then we can retarget him or her easily. So don't wait longer just grab your phone and contact us. We will assist you in all the ways.

How costly are PPC services?

PPC cost depends on the flexibility of individual ad auction. Depending on the Quality score ranking, you can bid a relative amount. If the score is higher the amount will be relatively lower. The details will you explained to you once to contact us. We have well-experienced team members who will make sure you will invest a minimum amount and get a lot of benefits.

Connect with IT World now! a leading Best PPC Management Services in Noida India.

What is Google AdWords for?

It is a portal where we can create advertisements using vital keywords and bids are placed to pursue them. At the start, we have to deposit the amount in the AdWords account. Details of the ad can be checked using the AdWords account. You should have a high score to make Google charge less for you.

Where are advertisements shown and how do they look?

PPC ads are shown on the uppermost portion of the search engine. These can be designed as we want with full of colours, pictorial boxes propelling buyers to click on the ads that will lead to a landing page. Google can easily track the location of the viewer through an IP address and the same viewer can be targeted on different websites.

What ads do I prefer in Google AdWords?

If you are a good ROI then you have to prefer text ads and shopping as they are very cost-effective for search & shopping campaigns. Display campaigns can generate more clicks at less cost but ROI is less when compared to search and shopping ads. Google merchant account is necessary for shopping ads. These will be explained by our experts once you will connect with us.

Serving the Clients

We have successfully created a lot of PPC campaigns for all our clients. From targeting keywords related to a business or researching to understand what best suits our clients, we have done it all. Being a reliable company, we ensure that we will not disappoint our clients and take care that we will bring the business to the top by implementing all the latest PPC technologies.

Why IT World?

We are the best Pay Per click management services in India that has experienced members who keep a close tab on PPC campaigns and create such campaigns that suit your business and ensure maximum lead generation and ROI. We have the best ideas for PPC campaigns completely unique from others. We monitor the running PPC campaigns and use data analytics to work on further steps of digital marketing. We have a structural process that has keyword research and selection, competitor analysis, bid management, ad copy creation, and ad placements on the search engines.