Voice Search Optimization Services India - Okay, Google/Alexa How can we transform your business with Voice Search?

The voice search means it is a voice recognition technology that allows the users to talk to a specific device to generate some results for their questions. Our research says that around 50% of the people are using voice search for their needs (like the… nearest restaurant, shops, local address, playing songs &, etc.)

There will be a huge effect on digital marketing due to the rapid growth of voice search. To reach your business to the audience easily this is the right time to start voice engine optimization for your business.

So why wait when the best Voice Search Optimization Services in India are here? Contact us today and get the details.

Why voice search is important for your business?

Voice searches have played a major role in your digital marketing strategy and also it will assist to increase search engine user's experience with more convenience and provide accurate & faster results to the users.

Google analyses websites based on the user's traditional or voice search and ranks them.

Many people around the world use voice searches to increase their brand visibility online. Some factors help to get the best results in the voice search. Hence, it is necessary to hire good Quality Voice Search Optimization Services.

Voice search optimization services

How can we improve the conversion rate through Voice Search? We have to first understand how users using voice searches and how we are going to optimize the voice engine. Here we have mentioned some unique strategies to keep up with optimization.

  • Target long-tail keywords in a conversational language
  • Create a Q&A section to be used for future snippets
  • Local SEO Optimization
  • Make SEO Friendly Websites with loading speed, mobile optimization, etc…
  • Use schema marks up to include local address, ratings, rich snippets, etc…
  • We know very well that keywords play a major role in traditional and voice searches. The difference between these two is that the level of conversational language used by people.
  • Try such that your voice search results in the future snippets by creating Q&A content, a FAQ section with answer boxes, Heading tags, bullets points. The chances of getting zero position in the future snippet will be increased.
  • Your website should be optimized with the structured data and optimize the Google My Business pages with the local address. We have made research that more than 25% of them use voice search location keywords to search nearest places.
  1. = Around 50% of people research products using voice search.
  2. = 24% of the Us population owns one smart speaker at least.
  3. = 54% of the U.S populating has experience of using voice-command technology.
  4. = 29% of Google Home and Echo owners tend to shop with voice search.
  5. = Voice-search-based shopping maybe $40 billion in 2020.

Why do I need Voice Search Optimization?

In the future, there will be no need of typing you can speak to the system and it will speak back to you. Come to the world of voice search!

We are already using it, People are already using their smartphones to play music, answer questions, and even ordering groceries and also to locate shops and restaurants.

Voice SEO will help you to increase the number of customers and also it will help you to prepare for a world where voice rules the internet.

Voice SEO for Businesses

The advent of voice search has enabled users to find answers to their questions on the go–whether it is to seek general information or find a local business. This has made it vital for business owners to optimize their websites for voice search.

Our experts are well-equipped to cater to your voice SEO need. Sophisticated tools like Answer The Public are used by us to ensure that your copy contains relevant natural language keywords. To ensure that these factors do not drag your ranking down, our specialists will also carry out the necessary modifications like page speed optimization and mobile optimization.

Why Choose Us?

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Guaranteed SEO Service

We follow techniques that ensure results. Our SEO techniques are built along the lines of those adopted by the world’s top SEO companies.

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What have featured snippets?

Feature snippets mean a clipping from a newspaper or magazine. It shows information from an organic search result in a paragraph, list, or table format. The perk of featured snippets is that they occupy what use to be known as position zero. We all know that Google announced a significant update, which would change what is known as position zero to position one.

Position zero was known when it was a duplicated version of the top-ranking organic article and essentially ranked above position one.

There is a new Google update according to which the featured snippet URLs are no longer duplicated in organic results — shifting the first organic result into the featured snippet box.

Making the shift even more important for marketers to understand, most of the SERP tools are now referring to position zero as position one.

The featured snippet article appears at the top of organic search results to maximize your visibility to users. As there is high visibility offered by position one, you can earn the featured snippet for keywords relevant to your business and target audience.

There are few steps you have to take to earn a featured snippet they are:

  • Researching keywords
  • Developing sub-headings
  • Organizing web page content
  • Optimizing web page content
  • And more

Contact IT World, Voice Search Optimization Services in India if Google is not choosing your website’s content. We will review your website and develop a competitive strategy for earning position one and its benefits.

What are conversational search results?

A result for conversational keywords or long-tail+ keywords is called a conversational search.

The “+” in long-tail+ keywords refer to the depth — or length — of these keywords. A long-tail+ keyword mimics how people talk, versus how they type. That is why voice search optimization is a challenge for companies, as it requires you to rethink your approach to search.

For instance, a user can approach in a different way when typing and speaking. While typing it can be “types of materials, but in voice search, they may ask, “What are the different kinds of materials?”

Location will also decide how customers use voice search.

Likewise, if you want to eat out you may ask “Where are some restaurants in [city]?” But if you are already in that area then you may say, “What are some restaurants near me?”

Due to these differences, it is better for businesses to do voice search SEO in-house. With our Voice Search Optimization Services, you can build voice search optimization simple and hassle-free. We have a passionate and hands-on team you will get custom and data-driven strategies that succeed.

Want to succeed? Then voice search is the best for your company to expand into new areas and even create new jobs.

SEO vs. VSO - What's The Difference?

Search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the picture while creating content that users can easily find using a search engine.

Customers usually tend to use specific keywords to conduct a traditional text search on google, Bing, or any other search engine. The user can use their natural language using a smartphone or smart speakers. Usually what a user expects is the specific information that they are looking for.

Whereas VSO (voice-search optimization) is done conversationally through spoken voice commands, this is the critical distinction that sets VSO (voice-search optimization) apart from SEO by using artificial intelligence. The user poses multiple questions to get what they are searching for.

The main difference is that SEO focuses only on keywords typed in order to generate search engine results pages the best match the user query Another difference is that there are two types of voice search – voice search optimization for search engines and voice search optimization for voice assistants.

Voice Search Optimization Services

Search Engines

If you want to search through any of the platforms like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines then using voice to search text are simple. Research says that in 2013 Google's Hummingbird update skewed the search engine's algorithms to favour results so they focused on user intent. Then Google started to push away from keyword stuffing towards content that answered user questions in a meaningful way.

The reason for using the phrase ‘’near me’’ is because users conducting voice-enabled searches are often looking for a product or service in their neighbourhood, this is another critical component of VSO for search engines.

Voice Assistants

There are voice assistance programs like Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant which are highly structured systems designed to generate accurate search results for their users.

With help of smart speakers or another smart device, voice assistant users expect accurate answers to which they can rely on. Voice assistants engage in two-way conversations that can be used to generate accurate responses to user queries -responses that are generated through an extensive development process by our VSO experts. At IT World, we take care of all these things.

Our focus areas include:

  • Voice experience optimization
  • Voice search protocol adherence & customization
  • Technical SEO
  • Advanced schema / structured data markup
  • Voice query research and optimization
  • Identification of typed vs. voice search keywords
  • Qualitative/quantitative voice search analysis marketing research
  • Up-to-date voice search query data voice search analytics